The Invisible Disability and Me - By Laura Lowles

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"My journey coming to terms with sudden and profound hearing loss"

Author: Laura Lowles
Copyright 2017

Fundraiser and blogger, Laura Lowles has published her first book talking through her own experiences and insight into living with hearing loss - full of tips and tricks for all sorts of situations. The hints she shares will not only make people feel more confident in themselves, but will also enhance communication with those around them. Proceeds from each sale of the book will also kindly be donated by Laura to support Hearing Link services.

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For the hearing impaired/deafened individual who struggles with everyday situations and life in general and wants to get their confidence and independence back, this book is for you.

Through this book, you will learn useful tips and tricks for all kinds of situations; from meetings at work, to those big social events you always shy away from. My tips and hints will not only make you feel more confident in yourself but will also enhance communication with those around you.

My aim is to empower, educate and help those with hearing loss, of all severities. Having suffered with profound hearing loss myself, I have first-hand experience of the difficulties hearing loss can bring. I have come through the other side stronger, more confident and self-assured, and so can you.

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86 pages
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Customer Reviews

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Ann Thallon
from Scotland

Excellent, accessible little handbook with a very personal twist. Valuable for anyone living with hearing loss. Wide ranging topics - I particularly enjoyed the sections on Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss and on Cochlear Implant Rehabilitation. A valuable addition to information and resources for managing your life with hearing loss.