Supporting Hearing Link

Why support Hearing Link?
All profits made from products sold in our online shop, go towards supporting people with any level of hearing loss, their families and friends across the UK.

We can’t fix a person’s hearing, but by understanding individual needs, we can offer practical support and guidance from people who have been through similar experiences. Our personalised support helps everyone to adjust to the social, psychological and emotional challenges that hearing loss can bring.

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    The Hearing Link butterfly symbolises the transition people with       
    hearing loss make:

The caterpillar stage represents life before deafness.

The chrysalis stage characterises the isolation that so often accompanies the onset of hearing loss.

And finally, the butterfly itself symbolises breaking out of the chrysalis into a brighter world, after connecting with new people, sharing experiences and accessing information and tools.

But, the analogy goes deeper still. Caterpillars hear sounds, but lose that ability in the chrysalis, then as butterflies they respond to sound in a different way. We liken this to the process people undergo as their hearing changes and they adopt different ways to reintegrate with their world.

Look closely at our logo (pictured above) and you will see our butterfly is made of sound waves. We have adopted this symbol throughout our literature and branded merchandise range.