Summer Offer- Cirrus ClearEars for removing water from ears after swimming. 5 pairs


Summer Offer! 25% off all Cirrus Earplugs

ClearEars, to be worn after swimming/showering/bathing, are soft, comfortable earplugs containing a FDA approved polymer which draws water from the ears. 

- Helps prevent Swimmer’s Ear. 
- Dries and relieves. 
- Works fast 5-10 minutes.
- Safe for kids and adults. 
- Alcohol free. 
- Contains 5 pairs and carry case.
- More convenient than ear drops, providing on the spot relief.

Use ClearEars after swimming/showering/bathing. For earplugs to wear while swimming/showering/bathing, we recommend Cirrus BioEars. (click on link below).

*Offer ends 31.08.18
Code EP4

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