Saver deal! Lanyard, Communication Card & holder

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Our lanyard, hearing loss communication card and transparent holder in one Saver Deal!
Saver deal!
Buy our lanyard, communication card and card in one online savers deal! This deal is a way for people with hearing loss to share their communication needs discreetly at a point of contact with a frontline service - such as a bank or at a reception desk. 

Communication card specification:

Reads:  I have a hearing loss. Please:   

  • face me
  • speak clearly
  • don't shout
  • write your message if necessary

 Size: 8.6 x 5.4cm.

Lanyard specification:
Reads: ‘Hearing Link -’. 
Colour: Blue with white lettering.

Communication card holder specification:
Colour: Transparent
Size: 9.5cm x 7.4cm

Please note: The lanyard and communication card can also be purchased as part of our Personal Awareness Kit (PAK).

Code P14

Customer Reviews

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Hearing Link customer
from UK

Works well

The Lanyard, Communication Card & holder with deaf ear symbol works very well in dealing with staff from railways, banks, shops at cash tills. The staff give me more time to complete my transactions. Other people have to wait.