Oto-fresh hearing aid care kit for BTEs

Hearing aid care kit for behind the ear hearing aids - everything you will need in one pack. 

Looking after your hearing aids is essential to them working well.

This hearing aid care kit for use with behind the ear hearing aids (with a standard tube and earmould) and includes all the items you need to keep your hearing aid in top working order.

Each kit is presented in a stylish storage bag and contains: 

  • 1 x puffer
  • 1 x multipurpose drying and cleaning beaker
  • 4 x cleansing tablets
  • 1 x cleansing spray
  • 3 x cleansing tissues
  • 1 x tube earmould comfort cream 5ml
  • 1 x wax brush with magnet and loop
  • 1 x vent cleaner

Please note: Keep small items and tablets away from small children. 

Items are also available to purchase separately. 

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