Offer Of The Month! Lanyard, Communication Card & Communication Card Holder

25% off our our special multibuy deal of our Lanyard, Communication Card and
Communication Card Holder at a price of £3.00! Offer ends 30.06.17
Our Communication Card provides a way to share your communication needs discreetly at a point of contact with a frontline service - such as a bank or at a reception desk.  It slips easily into a wallet or purse. This credit card-sized card can also be used in conjunction with a lanyard and the communication card holder and worn around the neck.  

Reads:  I have a hearing loss. Please:   
  • face me
  • speak clearly
  • don't shout
  • write your message if necessary
 Size: 8.6 x 5.4cm.

Please note: Products are also part of our Personal Awareness Kit (PAK).

Usually £4.00 when bought together,

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