November deal! 'I have hearing loss' face covering and badge

Our cotton face covering and companion badge in one money-saving deal.

For November only, we are offering our 'I have a hearing loss and I lipread' face covering and 'I'm with someone who lipreads' badge in one deal.

This will support both the lipreader and their companion when out and about.

Our face covering alerts others to the fact that the wearer has certain communication needs and it can help those who rely on lipreadin

Our face covering can make life easier for deaf people, or those with hearing loss, who rely on lipreading while face coverings are mandatory in certain public places. It alerts others to the fact that the wearer has certain communication needs.

Our new badge design is the perfect companion if you are travelling with someone who relies on lipreading to communicate and don't wear a face mask. This subtle design alerts others to your partner or loved one's communication needs and your exemption. 

I have a hearing loss and I lipread face covering specifications:

Colour: White with dark blue lettering and Butterfly logo

Material: 100% soft cotton with straps. 2-ply single jersey fabric. 

Size: One size fits all. 32cmx12cm. 

Care: Machine washable at a lower temperature. Transfers may fade with repeated washing. Not suitable for tumble drying or ironing.

I am with someone who lipreads badge specifications:

Colour: Light blue with dark blue lettering.
Size: 38mm

Code A03

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