Lanyard & 'I have a hearing loss' lanyard card

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Hearing Link lanyard and 'I have a hearing loss' lanyard card in one Saver deal!

Saver deal! 

Our lanyard and 'I have a hearing loss' lanyard card are a very visible way for people with hearing loss to express their communication needs.

The card size is slightly larger than our communication card with a much larger printed text . It is designed to work in conjunction with the Hearing Link lanyard. Made from card it easily attaches to the metal fixture for display.

Lanyard specifications:
Reads: ‘Hearing Link -’. 
Colour: Blue with white lettering.

Lanyard card specification:
Reads: 'I have a hearing loss'.
Colour: Pale grey. 
Size: 11cm- 8cm. 

Please note: These products are also part of our Personal Awareness Kit (PAK).

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from N. Ireland

So simple but a real help!!

Such a simple thing but has really noticeably improved how friends and myself are treated, in shops and in receptions. I even bought more cards to give out to other friends with hearing loss.