'I have a hearing loss' communication card

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A smaller card for people with hearing loss to express their communication needs discreetly.
Our communication card provides a way to share your communication needs discreetly at a point of contact with frontline services - such as a bank, train station or reception desk. 
It slips easily into a wallet or purse. This credit card-sized card can also be used in conjunction with our lanyard and transparent card holder, and worn around the neck.  

Reads:  I have a hearing loss. Please:   
- face me
- speak clearly
- don't shout
- write your message if necessary

Size: 8.6 x 5.4c
Colour: White card with blue writing 

Please note: This product can also be purchased as part of our Personal Awareness Kit (PAK) or Lanyard, communication card and holder saver deal.
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Customer Reviews

5 stars based on 4 reviews
from N. Ireland


If you only get one thing get this card, so helpful, I bought a few, not only for me, but also for friends with hearing loss and their personal experiences have dramatically improved in how they can quickly communicate by showing this card and are treated respectably thereafter!

K. Glass
from Lincolnshire

Very useful and worth it.

Karen M. Glass
from Lincolnshire

Very useful and worth using.

from Hampshire

Works wonders for me at work. I don't wear it outside of work tho