'I am a lipreader' communication card

A smaller card for people who lipread to communicate their hearing needs.

Our 'I am a lipreader' communication card provides a way to discreetly alert others to your lipreading needs. Useful when accessing frontline services at banks, supermarkets and train stations. 

It slips easily into a wallet or purse. This credit card-sized card can also be used in conjunction with our lanyard and transparent card holder, and worn around the neck.  

Reads:  I am a lipreader. Please:   
- face me
- speak clearly
- don't shout
- write your message if necessary

Size: 8.6 x 5.4c
Colour: White card with blue writing 

Please note: This product can also be purchased as part of our Lanyard, communication card and holder saver deal.

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