Honeywell Series 9 wireless doorbell & push

Portable doorbell for alerting people with hearing loss that a visitor is at the door.

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The Honeywell Series 9 wireless doorbell is the largest in the range and has a volume of up to 90bB with a wireless range of 200m. It has a halo light with selectable colours which will alert you to the presence of a visitor when the doorbell can't be heard. This model also offers sleep mode, so you can relax free from any unwanted disturbance and a microUSB slot for an optional external supply.


  • Loud volume (up to 90dB)
  • Volume control
  • Number of chime sounds: 8
  • Bell push confidence light: yes
  • Visual alert: 7 Colour Halo/LED strobe
  • Wireless Range: 200m (Portable Doorbell) 200m (Push Button)
  • Low battery indicator

Never miss a visitor or delivery
Place your portable doorbell anywhere in your home, with Honeywell ActivLink™ technology providing a reliable wireless range of up to 200m, while the maximum volume of 90dB can be heard up to 100m away. Link two doorbells together to boost your range up to 400m.

Visual Alerts

The innovative Halo Light and LED Strobe provide discreet but effective visual alerts which complement your chosen melody in loud environments, or help to alert you when the doorbell can't be heard.

Peace of mind

Peace of mind for visitors, thanks to a LED confidence light on the push button, and peace of mind for you, thanks to the Secret Knock function which plays a different melody, so you know if it's a family member or friend at the door.

Disturbance Free

With adjustable volume and innovative Sleep/Mute mode, which mutes the doorbell indefinitely, or for a prescribed period of 3, 6, 9 or 12 hours, your family can relax free from disturbances during movie nights or nap times.

Rich sound
This doorbell benefits from digitally enhanced, crystal clear sound that carries well throughout the home and garden.

Easy to install
Pre-linked and ready to install straight out of the box, with optional screw-free installation and an easy open battery compartment so you can be set up quickly and easily. It is also possible to add additional bell pushes or chime units, creating a system that covers the whole house.

Changing the Halo light colour:

  • Press the doorbell push button to set the doorbell off
  • Whilst your doorbell is flashing and making noise, press the Sun button     on the doorbell unit itself, one or more times, to choose a different colour halo.

Secret Knock Function:

  • Press the doorbell push button 3 times in quick succession (The doorbell should sound the same melody as when you press the push button once)
  • Now press the melody button     on your doorbell one or more times until you hear the melody you want for the 'Secret Knock'. Press the Sun button    to choose the desired halo colour for the 'Secret Knock'
  • You can then tell people you know to press the doorbell 3 times in quick succession - this will then play the chosen melody, allowing you to identify that someone you know is at the door.

To link two units to one Push Button

  • Press the 'Cog' button   on each doorbell - on halo light models you will see an orange circling light
  • Then press the Push Button you want to use for both
  • If successfully linked, both doorbells will activate upon pressing the Push Button

Wireless Portable Doorbell
Colour: White or grey
Wall mounted option: Yes
Frequency: 868Mhz
Wireless Range (m)*: 200
Range Extender: Yes
Audible Range (Volume): 100m (90dB)
Melodies: 8
Sound: Volume Control / Internal Siren / Sleep Mode and Mute
Visual Alerts: 7 Colour Halo / LED Strobe
Low Battery Indicator: Yes
Battery Specification: 4 x LR14 (C) 1.5V
Battery Life (Years): 5
USB Power Specification: Optional external power supply microUSB 5V 500mA (purchased separately)
Dimensions (mm) / Weight (g): 126 (h) x 126 (w) x 41.8 (d) / 264 (g)
Fixings: Brackets / Screws / Rawl Plugs

Wireless Push Button
Colour: White
Wall mounted option: Yes
Frequency: 868Mhz
Wireless Range (m)*: 200
Low Battery Indicator: Yes
Push Button Design: Portrait
Confidence Light: Yes
Battery Specification: 1 x CR2032 (3V)
Battery Life (Years): 2
IP Rating: IP55
Name Plate: No
Dimensions (mm) / Weight (g): 30 (h) x 70 (w) x 16 (d) / 23.5 (g)
Fixings: Brackets / Screws / Rawl Plugs

Pack contents: 1 x Wireless Portable Doorbell,1 x Wireless Push Button,1 x CR2032 (3V) Battery,1 x Quick Start Guide, 1 x Safety & Guarantee, 1 x Declaration of Conformity.

Requires 4 x C size batteries, not supplied.

Colour: White

Photography and product description courtesy of Connevans.

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