Extra Loud Analogue Alarm Clock & Vibrating Pad - currently out of stock

The Amplicomms TCL 190 is the perfect alarm clock for the hearing impaired user. It features a very loud alarm sound up to 90dB, with accompanying bright flashing light and a wireless vibrating pad - allowing the clock alarm to use vision, touch and sound to alert the user.

- Big buttons
- Illuminated face - adjustable and switchable
- Bright switchable flashing LED light
- Wireless vibration pad
- Adjustable volume up to 90dB
- 3 different alarm types
- 5 different alarm tunes
- Snooze button
- Adjustable tone control
- Low battery indicator
- Integrated rechargeable battery
- Wall adapter
- Can also be used as a ringtone amplifier for phones

For more information and support on adjusting to hearing loss, please visit our website here.
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