eWriter pad 8.5"

Re-useable digital eWriter to help people with hearing loss communicate more easily. Available in 5 colours.

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Never grab a peice of pen and paper again with this re-useable eWriter. This is an environmentally friendly alternative to memo pads, sketchbooks, sticky notes, and much more.

Simply jot down your chosen message, phrase or note using the stylus pen and when you are finished click the erase button and the note will disappear and ready for use again.

This is a simple, portable tool for people with hearing loss to help them communicate at home with family, at work or when out and about.

This product is supplied in five colours - red, pink, green, blue and black - colours may vary from described. Users can also replace the battery. 

Features: Stylus pen and holder. Erase button. Lock switch to prevent erasing your note. Replaceable battery. 8.5 inch screen.
Country of origin: China
Safety: 1 x 3V battery (replaceable). Please keep batteries away from small children - choking hazard. Do not allow this product to get wet. Please use stylus pen provided with this product to prevent damage.
Pack includes: 1 x eWriter 8.5, 1 x stylus pen and holder. 


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