ETTA headset amplified TV listener

Easy-to-use TV listening device which allows you to watch television at your own personal volume.

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This easy-to-use system delivers sound from your TV directly to your ears, at your own personal volume and tone settings. You can walk and move around, even into another room, while still listening to the TV.

Easy to set up & operate

The system includes one base unit (transmitter), one receiver and connection cables to work with any style of TV. It’s expandable too! You can use an unlimited number of receivers with the same transmitter. Imagine several people watching the same show and everybody with their own volume and balance controls.

How does it work?

The base unit/transmitter is connected to your TV.  The transmitter sends a digital signal from your TV to a receiver that you wear. EarTech TV Audio broadcasts at 2.4 GHz, for wireless transmission of high bit rates without compression while minimizing interference from other electrical devices nearby.

  • Unlimited number of receivers can be used with the same transmitter each with their own volume and balance controls
  • Strong, clear sound quality up to 30m (100 feet)
  • Broadcasts at 2.4 GHz
  • Any time during use you can mute the sound source and activate the built-in microphone to carry on a conversation.

Each system comes with:

  • One base unit (transmitter)
  • One headset receiver
  • Connection cables for your TV
Photography and description courtesy of Connevans. 
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