ClearMask™ transparent face covering

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A fully transparent face covering for supporting communication with persons who rely on lipreading. This product may not be suitable for repeated use.

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Designed for comfort and breathability, the ClearMask™ is a fully transparent face covering which blocks the transfer of fluids, aerosols and sprays using a clear plastic barrier.

The anti-fogging plastic barrier allows the wearer's face and mouth to remain completely visible, which greatly helps deaf people, or those who have a hearing loss, who rely on lipreading.

The ClearMask™ is made of a transparent plastic film, white foam, and white straps. The ClearMask™ is non-sterile and not for repeated use by the wearer or in a clinical setting. 

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Please note: This product is non-returnable for hygiene reasons. For orders of over 24 units, please contact and our friendly team will be happy to discuss your requirements with you. 

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Customer Reviews

3 stars based on 4 reviews
from Newcastle-under-lyme

Looks great in theory, but doesn't really work practically

Great product in the sense of being able to communicate better, I am fully able to hear, I have realised how much I also really on lip reading and facial expressions and thought this would be great for people who are hard of hearing so they can do just that.

The sponge across the nose is not deep enough so the mask does not sit right, there is a huge gap and the plastic also squishes the top of my nose (and I don't have a big honkers.)

I wore for five minutes in the car on the way to church and by the time we got there I had to switch to a fabric face covering as the plastic was full of condensation from breathing and so rendered the clear plastic rather useless as you couldn't see my lips properly.

£8.70 I wish I hadn't spent; it is a great product in theory but it doesn't work properly in practice.

Satisfied customer
from England

It was more comfortable than a fabric mask

I used the clear mask when I went for a hospital appointment and wore it for an hour or so. It was more comfortable than a fabric mask - I could breathe more easily - didn't feel suffocated. It didn't fit quite right on the nose - could have done with a little more spongey foam there as there was a gap and also the clear plastic touched the tip of my nose. I used only two the loops round the head and didn't pull the side elastic over my ears because that flattened my nose even more. I liked the soft elastic which adjusted easily. I was surprised that there was no condensation inside the mask although it was a little damp after wearing for an hour. I was disappointed that no one at the hospital commented on it - it would make life so much easier if the staff wore clear masks too.

Hearing Link customer
from Northern Ireland

Didn't fog at all

The ClearMask has been great for me with appointments - it didn't fog up at all! It has been very helpful.

from London

More comfortable than a face visor

Before using the Clear Mask for the first time, the protective film needs to be removed and although it comes away easily it needs to be pulled gently from the elastic string in four places. The Clear Mask is lighter and more comfortable than a face visor, and it is airier and less claustrophobic than a face mask. The elastic is placed behind the back of the head and the neck and so does not interfere with hearing aids. When communicating with people I do not know (e.g. at the post office) my own lips are visible and this sets an example of facilitating clear lipreading. Initially the nose band affected visibility (e.g. crossing the road) but I got used to this. One disappointment is that the nose band came off after a few hours' wear making the mask unusable without a repair. Kate, London