Cirrus EarPlanes for flying (adults). 1 pair

EarPlanes provide relief from the discomfort caused by changes in cabin pressure when flying.

- Recommended by doctors
- Tested by US navy pilots
- Drug free
- Safe
- Comfortable
- Made from hypoallergenic and latex free soft silicone
- Noise reduction rating of 20 decibels.

This product is suitable for ages 11 and upwards.  Please see EarPlanes for children and people with small ear canals if you require a smaller size. This product is recommended for one round trip. Do not use after two flights as pollen, dust and moisture will reduce effectiveness.
Code EP1

Customer Reviews

from Anon
"I was worried that I wouldn’t be allowed to fly because of an ear infection. My GP recommended these and I was pain free during both take-off and landing. (I didn’t need to wear them for the rest of the flight.) I would highly recommend this product to you. I’ve told many people about them already!"