Boogie Board Original LCD eWriter 8.5

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The original sized Boogie Board, perfect for writing notes during conversations.
Boogie Board LCD eWriter 8.5

Erase button

Durable shatterproof plastic LCD
3V battery
Ultra thin, only 4mm thick
Pressure-sensitive writing surface
Magnets on the back of the board to attach to magnetic surface
Stylus holder as part of the board

Size: 14.5 x 22.5cm
Weight: 210g
Colour: Black
Package contains: eWriter, Stylus, Holder.
Code BB02

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Bill R.
from North Worcestershire

I own two of this size of the so called...'Boogie Board'...(though I don't think much of such a daft name!) Both of my boards look different but are made by the same company. Both have a sleeve supplied plus a stylus...on one board this slides into a slot on the board. The other is loose with a hole at one end. My wife tied a ribbon to this hole and sewed the other end to the cover! Both have the 'Erase' symbol at the top. One person in London who saw this in action thought it looked like something..."out of Harry Potter"! This is a good item to have but I have to steel myself a bit to produce it for action, but then again with NO hearing I don't have any choice unless I want to sit in company like a lump of wood....probably like YOU reading this review prior to buying one.....